“MANTIS” brings together the following partners:

  • The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens [ICCS-NTUA]

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) was founded in 1992. ICCS was founded following a roadmap to support the performance of top-quality research, development activities and the provision of scientific service to private and public bodies. ICCS is very active in programs financed by the European Commission with substantial participation in competitive research programs. For example, up to date it has participated in more than 230 projects (FP6, FP7), 76 projects of Horizon 2020 and in more than 500 national projects (ESPA, etc). Since its foundation, ICCS/NTUA has followed closely the progress of the disciplines of electrical and computer engineering, leading to successfully achieve its set goals and grow to a competent research institute in Greece and Europe.

The Computer Networks Laboratory (CNL) is a highly active R&D department of ICCS specialized in the design, development, testing and application of innovative ICT technologies in various fields of science and of everyday life. CNL has participated in numerous relevant research projects, including FP7 EcoGem - Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance System for Green Cars και FP7 EMERALD - Energy Management and Recharging for Efficient Electric Car Driving (where ICCS-NTUA developed driver support applications based on data collected from vehicles and machine learning algorithms), the National project CARMA - Intelligent Car Management Application for Advanced Green Road Transport Services and the H2020 project InLife - Incubate a New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education (where ICCS-NTUA developed appropriate frameworks for Big Data analysis in IoT environments). It is noteworthy that ICCS-NTUA was a successful project or technical coordinator in these projects, ensuring quality of work and results.

  • Special Account for Research Funds of the Hellenic Open University [SARF-HOY]

Hellenic Open University is the sole Greek State University (Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs) that provides distance education in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels via the use and development of appropriate learning material and methods of teaching. Promoting scientific research as well as developing technology and methodology in distance learning fall within the scope of HOU’s objectives.

 The Digital Systems and Media Computing Laboratory (DSMC, http://dsmc2.eap.gr/) was established in the end of 2002 and is located in Patras, Greece. DSMC operates under the School of Sciences and Technology of the Hellenic Open University (HOU).

 DSMC’s main objectives are to conduct internationally competitive research and deliver high quality teaching. The faculty staff, together with their research associates and students are working at an internationally competitive level. The outcomes of the research can be seen in various publications. We are fortunate to enjoy the support of a variety of funding agencies and to have established strong collaboration bids with research units nationally and internationally.

 The DSMC is currently designing network systems, applications for the Smart Cities, M2M and industrial applications, Agriculture, Network terminals, Sensors and Controllers. The laboratory also R&D architecture and programming of embedded microcontrollers for collecting data from sensors and remote control devices, develops on platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Openmote, Intel Galileo, Arduino, etc., and designs flow and application development tools and methodologies for collecting and processing data from sensor networks using cloud infrastructures.

 Recently, DSMC participated in the H2020-EMYNOS (NEXT GENERATION eMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS) project and also in the development of SIP emergency calls for the ESPA project DIOGENIS.

  • Attikes Diadromes S.A.

“ATTIKES DIADROMES SA” is the Operation and Maintenance Company of the Attica Tollway, a 70 km Toll Road Concession Project, in Attica, Greece. The Concessionaire Company named “Attiki Odos SA” has assigned to ATTD, through an Operation and Maintenance Agreement, its responsibilities for the operation and routine maintenance activities,  according to the obligations described at the project’s Concession Agreement. 

Attikes Diadromes SA was founded in 1999, in advance of finalization of any road section construction, and is the Operator of Attica Tollway. The obligations of Attikes Diadromes can be summarized as follows:

- Traffic management & safety of users

- Detection / intervention / management of incidents

- Routine maintenance of infrastructure and fixed equipment

- Maintenance of vehicles

- Planning / monitoring of major maintenance

- Planning / scheduling of improvements and expansion

- Toll Collection

- Design of Commercial Policy & management of commercial packages

- Monitoring of User complaints

- Public Relations and Communication.

These obligations of the Operation and Maintenance Company are ensured 24-hours per day, on a 365-day per year basis. The company’s main concern is to ensure the safety and comfort of all users and employees at all times. So, in addition to the obligations mentioned above, Attikes Diadromes conducts extensive training for both users and employees regarding road safety, while also participating in various research programs to identify new technology and new processes that will contribute to the improvement of the services provided to the users of Attica Tollway. 
  • Swarco Hellas S.A.
  • Vertoyo Ο.Ε.

VERTOYO O.E(trade style: VERTOYO), was founded in 2011 by Ioannis Vagiannis and Andriopi Sarganis. Its duration is indefinite. The line of business of the company includes:

  1. the research, development and sale of innovative applications, services and products of technology, telecommunication and applications software in Greece and abroad,
  2. advisory services, customer service through innovative technologies (telephone, internet) & related services to the above activities,
  3. the services and development of Internet applications, marketing, financial & communication services, business management consulting services. VERTOYO is a leading company in Greece in the development of enterprise software over the Internet. Its activities focus on the design and implementation of integrated and advanced technology solutions in the following areas: Digital World, Cloud Computing & Hosting, IT Professional Services, R&D, E-Commerce, E-Travel, CMS and Wifi Integrated Solutions. VERTOYO executives have extensive experience in business and commercial development and the company offers the most advanced and competitive products as well as integrated software solutions for Operators, Finance, Retail & FMCG, and Public Sector & Government. The company has also been selected and involved in R&D projects through the program Horizon 2020. The main services / products are:
    • Vertoyo Digital Platform: a modern, reliable, powerful backend and web development platform, with a content management system that supports integrated e-commerce solutions (eTravel & Retail / FMCG)
    • WiCube Internet Station – WiFi Data & Mobile Engagement Services: an efficient, scalable, high-end platform that enables enterprises to provide immediate and free internet access to their customers in a branded, secure and measurable way, and at the same time have at their disposal an integrated instrument to manage and display advertising or informational material. The solution offering consists of the purchase of software licenses for the platform and 3G / 4G data services (retail & wholesale) and is summarized in the following services:
      • WiCube - Internet Station / Data Services
      • WiCube - WiPass Services
      • WiCube - WiApp Event
      • WiCube - WiBrand Services
      • WiCube - Services & Support
    • IT Professional Services: specialized services that support VERTOYO's solutions, but are also offered independently, according to client’s needs and requirements and cover the following areas:
      • Web Portals / CMS Design & Development
      • o Mobile Apps Design & Development (iOS & Android)
      • Advisory & Consulting Services
      • Operation Stabilization & Performance Optimization Services
      • Project Management & Business Analysis Services
      • Technical Project Management – Vendors Management
      • Υπηρεσίες Software Testing & QA Services
    • Vertoyo CloudBenefIT – Support Services: flexi le, reliable, high-end Cloud Hosting & Support.